We can’t imagine a world where the only lions and leopards are in zoos, so we are doing our best to help preserve them, and preserve the pastoralist’s lifestyle as well.

How We Do it

We install solar strobe lights on the enclosures (bomas) where domestic animals, produce, and livestock are kept at night to repel all sorts of predators. The strobe lights disorient lions and leopards and chase them away.

What We Do

We travel the Tanzanian countryside, installing lights where they are needed to help rural communities protect their livestock in an effort to eliminate the retaliatory killing of predators.

We are now a 501c3 non-profit and contributions are now tax-deductible. Our EIN # 47-3562921

Tanzania Lion Illumination Project Mitigation of Human/wildlife Conflict

Lions and leopards are dying...

Please join TLIP in bringing harmony to regions affected with human and wildlife conflict.
We are a group dedicated—through alternative means—to saving wildlife and promoting a peaceful co-existence with humans.

Who We Are


Patti – “My name is Patti Vaughn, they call me Shangazi (auntie) in Tanzania. I am an American with a deep almost obsessive love for Tanzania, its people and its wildlife…”

Philipo – “I am Philipo Ormorijei, a resident of Nainokanoka… I am happy with the creatures of God, wild animals and livestock. I am the first person in Tanzania to request my friends from different countries to help me with lights in our village…”